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Operations, Plots & Attacks

Learn more about specific terrorist operations, plots, and attacks through the case studies, profiles, and lessons learned articles that we have produced.

Major Reports

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Risks, Recruits, and Plots: Understanding and Mitigating the Influence of the Islamic State in Malaysia
Iran Entangled: Iran and Hezbollah’s Support to Proxies Operating in Syria
“This is War”: Examining Military Experience Among the Capitol Hill Siege Participants
Rising in the East: The Evolution of the Islamic State in the Philippines

Sentinel Articles

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The Death of Ayman al-Zawahiri: Succession Challenges, Tradeoffs, and Other Implications
The Buffalo Attack: The Cumulative Momentum of Far-Right Terror
CTC-ICT Focus on Israel: What Can We Learn from the Spring 2022 Terror Wave in Israel
The Urgent Need for an Overhaul of Global Biorisk Management


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