A series of letters from various authors that discuss al-Qa`ida’s operations in Africa, specifically Somalia and
Ogaden region. The first letter, to Abu `Abdullah [Usama bin Laden], is a report of an operative’s arrival and activities in Nairobi in support of al-Qa`ida’s operations in Somalia and Ogaden. The al-Qa`ida team met with Ogadin allies, and tried and failed to get to Mendira or Luuq, Somalia via plane (the trip was stymied by government regulations and inappropriate facilities in Luuq). The second letter is a report of the state and history of the Islamic movement in Somalia. In southern Somalia, Algamaa Al-Islamiah, led by Mahmud Isa, broke off from al-Ahl, led by `Abd al-Qader Shaikh Edris. The Afghan Jihad-influenced youth of the movement rose up to defend Kismayo from Aideed’s advancing forces, but were defeated, and driven back. The author blames the movement for bad planning and preparation, little money, and a poor connection between the leaders and the base. The third letter is from Abu `Abdullah al-Thani Alfa Ibrahim to Abi `Abdullah Sa`ad al-Sa`ad. The author regrets that circumstances prevent him from making a trip to Africa, but since he is free at the moment, he would be happy to help African brothers obtain documents from Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast, or Sierra Leone. The fourth letter, to Abu `Abdullah, is similar to the first letter in describing the failure to get to Luuq or Mendira. In the fifth letter, dated 19 March 1993, Saif al-Islam, the main al-Qa`ida operative in Ogadin, writes to Brother Othman, and describes the situation in Ghar Shaighut, the training camp he helped to establish.

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