CTC Perspectives

Short products that aim to provide an informed perspective on recent and important developments when we believe we have something new or unique to add to the conversation.

Beyond Soleimani: Implications for Iran’s Proxy Network in Iraq and Syria
Burying the Lede: The Islamic State Downsizes?
An Idea or a Threat? Islamic State Jammu & Kashmir
Militant Rivalries Extend to Female Recruitment in Pakistan
The Islamic State’s Internal Rifts and Social Media Ban
The Islamic State’s Drone Documents: Management, Acquisitions, and DIY Tradecraft
Welcome to the Hotel Caliphate: You Can Check-Out Any Time You Like, But You Can Never Leave
The French Foreign Fighter Threat in Context
Al-Adnani’s Paradox: Projecting Strength While Feeling Fear
“Let your blood be [the caliphate’s] fuel”

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