This document is a letter sent by Ansar al Islam to the ISI asking for a public written statement that clarifies all the previous and current issues as a first step of showing good intensions. In this letter, the author makes claims that he is sending his note because his group wants to clear its conscience, offer advice, and provide an explanation. He expresses his frustration at not receiving any response to previous letters. The author also informs the ISI of the recent developments in Diyala province where the ISI issued fatwas that permitted the killing of the Muhahideen who refuse to pledge for the Amir of the ISI and said that the Jihad of any Mujahedeen other than ISI is not legitimate (according to Sharia). The author sites a particular troubling incident when Abu Tariq, a former leader
of al-Ansar, was killed on February 20, 2007. The author gives a one-week period for the ISI to respond back to him. The author was astonished to see al-Qa`ida members insisting that all mujahedeen pledge the ISI Amir as if he is the Caliph, despite the fact that pledges can be given to a known Amir. The author expresses his frustration of forming committees and setting sessions to address these problematic issues without results. The only solution offered by the leadership of the ISI was to unite with them, something that cannot be achieved for personal and psychological reasons. The author asks the leadership of al-Qa`ida to issue a written statement of good intentions which will be considered as a first step to solve all the problems. He fears that if the conflict continues, the movement will reach a point where it is impossible to fix. The letter is signed by the Diwan (council) of al Sharia and Law.

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