This document is an excerpt from the paper of an ISI member that details what he believes are the problems within ISI and how to fix those problems. The document (missing the first two pages) begins by finishing a prior thought, stating that the author is planning guerilla warfare, urban conflict and conventional war to be funded by spoils, foreign projects, and expenditures by merchants and benefactors. The warfare will be fought by foreign fighters and state supporters. The author then begins with an analysis of the state between 2006 and 2007. Because of recent pressures, he claims, ISI had to turn to migrants, pre-trained fighters and martyrs. He cites a number of reasons behind the rise in difficulty for ISI. The author continues with an overview on the problem of foreign fighters. He recommended that ISI reduce the amount of foreign fighters entering Iraq because of the withdrawal of tribal support for the program and the linguistic difficulty the foreigners face. Only suicide bombers or similar cadre were to be allowed in. Suicide bombers, on the other hand, most often went back to their own countries to return as fighters, and he explains the reasons. The author, then, lays out a number of remedial actions for security personnel. He also names a number of remedial actions to boost the economy. For military work, the author has a set of recommendations. The author describes the function of the Consultative Councils.

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