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Amira Jadoon

Major Reports

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Risks, Recruits, and Plots: Understanding and Mitigating the Influence of the Islamic State in Malaysia
Rising in the East: The Evolution of the Islamic State in the Philippines
Rising in the East: A Regional Overview of the Islamic State’s Operations in Southeast Asia
Broken, but Not Defeated: An Examination of State-led Operations against Islamic State Khorasan in Afghanistan and Pakistan (2015-2018)

Sentinel Articles

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From Tajikistan to Moscow and Iran: Mapping the Local and Transnational Threat of Islamic State Khorasan
The Enduring Duel: Islamic State Khorasan’s Survival under Afghanistan’s New Rulers
The Islamic State Threat in Taliban Afghanistan: Tracing the Resurgence of Islamic State Khorasan
Taking Aim: Islamic State Khorasan’s Leadership Losses


An Idea or a Threat? Islamic State Jammu & Kashmir
Militant Rivalries Extend to Female Recruitment in Pakistan

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