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Strategy, History, & Goals

Ends, ways, and means. Terrorist organizations are familiar with these concepts and the development of strategy too. Over the course of our history the CTC has studied and released reports and articles about terrorist goals and strategy. Browse the content below to learn more.

Major Reports

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Boko Haram Beyond the Headlines: Analyses of Africa’s Enduring Insurgency
Targeted Terror: The Suicide Bombers of al-Shabaab
The Fight Goes On: The Islamic State’s Continuing Military Efforts in Liberated Cities
Doku Umarov, Founder of the Caucasus Emirate: From Secularism to Jihadism (Jihadi Bios Project)

Media Coverage

Al-Qaida Records Disclose Group’s Strategy
With Brutality, Icon of Jihad Fueled Insurgency

Other Commentary

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The GSPC: Newest Franchise in al-Qaida’s Global Jihad
Abu Musab Al Suri: Architect of the New Al Qaeda
After Zarqawi
The Post-Zarqawi Leadership Dilemma

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