Al-Qa'ida & Affiliates

Al-Qa`ida has been a primary area of research focus for the CTC since our founding, and this page serves as the gateway to all of the Center’s content on the group and its formally recognized affiliates. Our early research on al-Qa`ida helped to demystify the group and establish a more informed understanding of the group’s history, how it operates, the relations it has had with other actors, and the debates and divisions that have challenged the group and its trajectory. When possible, our work on al-Qa`ida is accompanied by the release of declassified, or otherwise uniquely obtained, primary sources produced by the group.

Below you will find CTC content on al-Qa`ida in a range of formats, including in-depth reports, CTC Sentinel articles, short CTC Perspectives, primary sources, and other CTC commentary.

This material covers the entity that is commonly referred to as al-Qa`ida Core, which is mostly resident in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, and the following al-Qa`ida affiliates:

Al-Qa`ida in Iraq*

*Now defunct, this group was a predecessor group to the entity that now calls itself the Islamic State. If you click on the al-Qa`ida in Iraq link you will be redirected to the Islamic State & Predecessor Groups landing page where al-Qa`ida in Iraq content now resides.

Al-Qa`ida in the Islamic Maghreb

Al-Qa`ida in the Arabian Peninsula

Al-Qa`ida in East Africa**

**Al-Qa`ida in East Africa content includes material that directly speaks to al Qa`ida’s presence in the region, and – when relevant – material about al-Shabaab. For a broader array of al-Shabaab content see the al-Shabaab page.

Al-Qa`ida in the Indian Subcontinent

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