These somewhat unrelated documents are barely legible. The first few pages are comments on an audio tape about the prophet Muhammed and theological issues. Next, in English, are some medical papers that appear to be the results of a blood test and pregnancy test. Finally, there are some operational requirements for an al-Qa`ida camp in Luuq (in southern Somalia), including a request for money to pay for weapons and equipment and a situation report on the efforts of the mujahidin in Somalia. In general, the document offers insight into the reasoning behind al-Qa`ida’s operational planning. The author of one of the letters discusses the mindset of his“Jihadists”, what motivates each, and the type of“Jihad” that each is interested in pursuing. The author also assesses the operational climate, weaknesses and strengths of local tribes, and how each factor would influence the outcome of the planned operations.

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