This 18-page pamphlet, titled “A Response to a Serious Judicial Error by Sheikh Al-Albani Regarding His Quietist Stance with Respect to Apostate Leaders,” was written by Ayman al-Zawahiri as part of the publication of the Egyptian Jihad Group. In this pamphlet, al-Zawahiri responded to the call of “sheikh al-Albani” who advised “Muslims” to “accept their reality” and“do not wage jihad” against their “apostate leaders.” Al-Zawahiri used texts from Quran, authentic hadiths, and fatwas issued by Islamic clerics like Ibn Taymiyyah, al-Shinqiti, Muhammad Hamid al-Fiqi and others to supported his argument. He divided his pamphlet to three sections:

First Section: Demonstrating the unbelief of the rulers who don’t rule according to the Islamic shari`a, and the certainty of waging jihad against them.”

“Second Section: The response to the Judicial Error of Sheikh Al-Albani.”

Third Section: The conclusion.”

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