This document is a letter updating a high member in Shura council on events in the Anbar province of Iraq. The author laments that the tribal sheikhs of that region and the heads of the Islamic Party have begun to teach the people that the mujahidin are the enemy, and the people are listening, joining the Iraqi government. The author also gives his report of recent events in Ramadi, Anbar. He goes on to describe matters concerning other groups (Albu-Bali tribe, Albu `Ubaid tribe, and the Islamic Party). The author then asks for permission to kill a number of people in Kisbah. He says that he has so far been restrained from killing the Sunni police, but wants permission to do so. He also ask for authorization to kill 8 people, including 3 sheikhs, a major, a doctor, a major general, a governor and a manager of the Sunni endowment. He ends the document by listing 13 qualifications for a beheading.

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