In this letter, Saif Al-`Adl reports to al-Qa`ida’s leadership about the purchase of a motor boat, a training camp in the al-Hadidiyah forest, the existing leadership in the training camp, and the results of Sheikh Hasan’s first tour to the area. Al-`Adl notes al-Qa`ida’s plan to begin training Somalis in swimming and sea activities and describes the training camp in the al-Hadidiyah forest as an ideal location because the terrain makes it difficult to observe and strike from the air. Al-`Adl also describes provides a general assessment of the leadership of the camp and makes a request for finanicial support so the camp can bolster its activities. According to al-`Adl, Sheikh Hasan holds the view that the local political climate in the area is favorable to al-Qa`ida, with only one of the Sufi sheikhs dissenting.

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