The caption in the image reads: “samidun wa-lan narka‘illa li-lah” (“we stand firm/persevere, we will never bow to anyone but God”).  The masked figure raising the Syrian flag is standing on a tree whose limbs have been cut off, yet which still stands tall and firm. In the context of this image, the tree symbolizes the resilience and determination of the rebels in Syria, despite the repression of Assad’s regime (illustrated by the cut off limbs).


More Information
Group Name Shabakat Sham al-Ikhbariyya [Sham (Syria) News Network aka SNN)
Group Type nationalist
Dominant Colors Gray, Yellow
Secondary Colors Black, Red, White
Language Arabic
Isolated Phrases / Mottoes / Slogans Samidun wa-lan narka`illa li-lah
Image Number 390
Groups Region of Operation Middle East
Groups Country of Operation Syria
Air Analysis Gray sky.
Air Clouds / Fog, Sky
Fire Flames, Burning Object
FIre Analysis Flames in text.
Geopolitical Symbols Country Flag, Symbol of party, movement or company, Slogan
Geopolitical Analysis Syria. Shabakat Sham al-Ikhbariyya [Sham (Syria) News Network aka SNN) logo - three white letters of the word "sham" against three blue squares over the full name of the natwork.
People Man / Men
People Analysis Masked figure
Flora Trees / Shrubs
Flora Analysis Cut tree trunk

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