The image is the logo of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) as shown on the group’s media outlet (Jundullah Studio) website. The logo consists of several familiar jihadi visual motifs, including a globe behind an open copy of the Qur’an and nestled on two crossed swords. The word “Allah” symbolically stands alone at the top of the globe. Jihadi visual propaganda uses images of the globe/planet earth in order to globalize localized issues and conflicts, as well as to articulate the global aims/nature of the jihadi struggle and/or particular groups. In this context, it should be  noted that the IMU is known to have produced an offshoot called the Islamic Jihad Union, which operates in Europe and espouses a much more global jihadist agenda. The swords in the logo suggest a desire on the part of the designer to link the logo to early Islamic history and the first generation of Muslims. Swords are seen as noble weapons that embody the religious purity, nobility and righteousness that is associated with the Prophet, his companions and their successful military campaigns. Thus, the sword helps depict current jihadi activities as modern extensions of those campaigns and lends them an aura of legitimacy.

At the bottom of the logo is a familiar slogan, often used in jihadi jargon and imagery, which reads: “al-jihad madin ila yawm al-qiyama” (“jihad continues until the day of resurrection”). The text comes from a famous hadith (prophetic tradition) attributed to the Prophet himself. Surrounding  the globe is a partial quote from the Qur’an (9:29): “qatilu lladhina la yu’minuna bi-llah wa-la bil-yawm al-akhir wa-la yuharrimuna ma harrama Allah wa-rasuluhu” (“fight those who do not believe in God and judgment day, and do not forbid what God and his messenger have forbidden”).

More Information
Group Name Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) aka al-Haraka al-Islamiyya li-Uzbekistan
Group Type Jihadist Group
Dominant Colors Blue
Secondary Colors Yellow, Black, Red, White
Language Arabic, English, Uzbek
Isolated Phrases / Mottoes / Slogans 1) shahada 2) al-jihad madin ila yawm al-qiyama 3) Q 9:29 qatilu lladhina la yu'minuna bi-llah wa-la bil-yawm al-akhir wa-la yuharrimuna ma harrama Allah wa-rasuluhu 4) Allah 5) Q 2:2 dhalika al-kitab la rayba fihi
Image Number 0330
Groups Region of Operation Central Asia
Groups Country of Operation Uzbekistan (with some fighters in Afghanistan, some in Tajikistan)
Weapons Sword / Crossed Swords
Air Sky
Fire Light Rays / Light
Geopolitical Symbols Globe, Symbol of party, movement or company, Slogan
Geopolitical Analysis IMU logo - blue globe, open Qur'an and crossed swords against a yellow background with three slogans and the word Allah at the top, all encircled by white slogans on black background and red rim; and Jundullah Studio logo (IMU media company) - yellow text representation of the word with a black banner in the middle bearing the shahada (Islamic credo).
Religious Textual References Quranic Text, Quranic Citations, Hadith Text
Religious Textual References Analysis La ila illa Allah, Muhammad rasul Allah
Topography Desert Dunes, Horizon

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