The document is a book that was written by Abu Mus`ab al-Suri, and dated on 1999. This book gives detailed analysis of Central Asia’s political and religious geography, complete with a history of the region to the present day, and an argument for its strategic importance in global jihad. The author provides general information about the political and ethnic situations in Central Asian countries, including East Turkestan (which is under Chinese occupation). He gives a brief history from the conquest of Islam to the Soviet Union. Then, he gives details about the Russian invasion of Islamic Central Asian countries and its stages. In the final analysis, the author proclaims the strategic importance of Central Asia for jihad. Central Asia apparently has an important role in this. It is the weakest region for the enemy, but a point of Muslim strength. The inherited military equipment from the USSR is useful for jihad. The region also has economic resources for jihad, and its natural terrain is like a fortress. The culture of Central Asia is well-suited to jihad, and nearby Afghanistan is a good base for the spread of jihad. The author emphasized that jihadists have to strike at the enemy everywhere, including on their home ground (such as in America, Britain, France, NATO countries, and Russia). Central Asia offers Muslims a chance to get strategic weapons (including nuclear weapons) and conventional forces. The author then describes the relationship of the jihad in Afghanistan and Central Asia to the ongoing jihad between the Muslims and the new Judaist-Cruciferous world order. The author gives a brief on the geography of East Turkestan, and ends with a benediction.

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