This document is thirty-three hand-written pages of personal loan accounting, financing sources, and funds disbursement for an al-Qa`ida training group and their camp in Somalia. These include moneys for the camp’s food, clothing, and payroll. Other documents are cash receipts and requests for money for various purposes (medical expenses, fuel, travel, expenses for an unnamed woman’s cost of living). The first letter by Saif Al Islam mentions a sum he is sending to `Umar and Zachariah (the two camp leaders). The sum is later referred to in the manner of its disbursement (which is in accordance with Saif Al Islam’s wishes). Most cash transfers originate from `Umar Tajudin, a.k.a. Sheikh `Abdullah `Umar (whose various titles are,“The Commander of The Preparation Branch”,“Commander of The Islamic Union”, and “Emir of The Ogaden Union”). Other transfers originate from Zachariah Muqadasi (_The Camp Commander”, but also separately referred to as the accountant), but several requisitions are made by him – or on his behalf – to pay for his“personal debts”. There is repeated mention of debts held by other members. Money is often transferred to purchasing representatives. There is mention that at least one large quantity of money originated in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia transported by courier.

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