This document is a compilation of handwritten letters. These letters were directed from an individual named Shu`ayb to Emir Abu ‘Umar al-Baghdadi on May 31, 2007. To establish the religious reason for fighting the Islamic Army, Shu`ayb tells of two events when Islamic Army broke Islamic law. He and others in Baghdad are aware of the true nature of the Islamic Army – its conspiracies, scandalous ambushes, and the back-stabbing of good Muslims. Safir claims that he and his fellow fighters have fought legitimately against the Islamic Army, and consider the IAI fighters to be tyrants. In a report on military action against the Islamic Army, dated June 1, 2007, Shu`ayb claims that his forces engaged the Islamic Army and the Americans, taking control of the mosques and Islamic Army weapons. He asks that his report be forwarded to the Media Office and a copy to `Abdullah. The last note is a weapons and ammunitions report, which is also dated June 1, 2007. Shu`ayb ends his note with a request for guidance on dealing with the Islamic army. He signs the note“your brother, Abu al-Hasan (Shu`ayb).

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