Meet CDT Allena Kishpaugh, the CTC Cadet of the month for February 2024. Allena comes from Morgantown, Pennsylvania, and is the daughter of LTC(R) Todd, ‘96 and Chastity Kishpaugh. Allena is a senior majoring in International Affairs with a minor in Terrorism Studies. Allena spent much of her childhood growing up overseas living in both Germany and Poland as an Army Brat in addition to extensive travel throughout Europe, Asia, and North Africa. This experience developed a life-long interest for foreign cultures and international relations. Allena serves as a Company Honor Representative and is a member of the Rabble Rousers.

Since joining the Terrorism Studies Minor, Allena has had the opportunity to travel with the Social Sciences Department and CTC to the Middle East studying the Abraham Accords, their effects in the region, and counterterrorism policies. The AIAD included visiting Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Jordan where they met with several Ambassadors, U.S. government officials, as well as local officials to discuss the Accords and CT.

Allena plans to commission in the United States Army as an Aviation officer. In the future, Allena hopes to attend graduate school, continuing her studies in international affairs.

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