The CTC’s Cadet of the Month for January 2024 is Audrey Spiker who is from Dresden, Ohio, and is the daughter of Nicki and Ben Spiker. As a Firstie at West Point, Audrey is an Applied Psychology Major with a minor in Terrorism Studies. At the Academy, Audrey is also a member of the Women’s Handball team and is currently serving as the 1st Regiment ACT Captain, which aims to create a healthy culture and prevent harmful behavior within the Corps of Cadets. Audrey will be commissioned as an Air Defense Artillery Officer at the end of her 47-month experience at the United States Military Academy. In her free time, Audrey also enjoys spending her time hiking, reading, and running.

Since joining the Terrorism Studies minor, Audrey has had the opportunity to travel to several countries in the Middle East and meet many key leaders, engaging in fruitful conversations about the Abraham Accords and counterterrorism strategies. Audrey was able to gain insight into the different perspectives of America’s regional partners regarding current global challenges and threats.

After serving at least 8 years as an Air Defense Artillery Officer in the Army, Audrey hopes to attend graduate school and pursue a degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and potentially a career in the FBI.

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