On April 7, The Washington Post published an article outlining the Combating Terrorism Center’s recent release of 53 declassified tactical interrogation reports (TIRs) on Amir Muhammad Sa’id Abdal-Rahman al-Mawla, the current leader of the Islamic State, from when he was in U.S. custody in Iraq in 2008. Written by Joby Warrick, the article, entitled “Before becoming a terrorist leader, ISIS chief was a prison informer in Iraq for U.S., records show,” describes al-Mawla’s cooperation with U.S. forces during his detention.

The TIRs are available on the CTC’s website here.

For additional insights on the documents and what they reveal about the now-leader of the Islamic State, see CTC Director of Research Dr. Daniel Milton’s article on Lawfare’s blog here.

For details about the first three TIRs released by the CTC in September 2020, see the following CTC Sentinel articles: Daniel Milton and Muhammad al-`Ubaydi, “Stepping Out from the Shadows: The Interrogation of the Islamic State’s Future Caliph” and Daniel Milton, “The al-Mawla TIRs: An Analytical Discussion with Cole Bunzel, Haroro Ingram, Gina Ligon, and Craig Whiteside.”

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