This image features a young Usama bin Ladin (likely taken from his early days in Afghanistan), a mosque and the omnipresent black flag– all visual themes frequently incorporated in jihadist propaganda.

The caption in this image reads: “wa-la tansawna wal-mujahidin min salih du‘a’ikum” (“do not forget us and the mujahidin [fighters] from your venerable prayers”). It is a common expression, used frequently by jihadists.  Muslims across sectarian lines share a reverence for many holy sites, although some sites might hold special significance for certain groups.  The black of the banner on the left is a dominant feature of jihadist imagery. According to hadith (prophetic tradition or report), the black flag was the battle flag of the Prophet Muhammad and it was carried into battle by many of his companions. The image of the black flag, usually bearing the shahada (Islamic testimony of faith holding that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is his messenger), has been used as a symbol of religious revolt and engagement in battle (i.e., jihad). In the contemporary Islamist movement, the black flag is used to evoke notions of jihad and of reestablishing the Islamic Caliphate.

More Information
Group Name Ana al-Muslim
Group Type Jihadist Group
Dominant Colors Black
Secondary Colors White, Gold
Language Arabic
Isolated Phrases / Mottoes / Slogans 1) wa-la tansawna wal-mujahidin min salih du`a'ikum 2) shahada
Image Number 0242
Groups Region of Operation Global
Weapons Cold Weapons and Defensive Armor, Body Armor (including Gas Mask, Helmet)
Body Parts Pointer Finger, Face / Bust
Geopolitical Symbols Non-country Flag, Slogan
Geopolitical Analysis Black flag with text of shahada and sword
People Operative / Warrior (=mujahid), Man / Men
Religious Textual References Shahada, Use of Calligraphy
Religious Textual References Analysis La ila illa Allah, Muhammad rasul Allah
Religious Symbols Holy Site, Black / White / Green Banners
Religious Symbols Analysis al-Aqsa mosque. Black banner with shahada and sword underneath.
Topography Man-made Structure / Landmark
Topography Analysis Mosque and dome

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