This document contains various types of documents including: photo copy for Saudi Arabia resident cards for the Palestinian citizens (Salim `Isa Muhammad Al-Misri and his daughter) | a personal letter sent from Abu and Um `Isa to Abu and Um Ziyad | a photo copy of birth certificate for “Mariam Salim `Isa Muhammad Al-Misri” | a photo copy for Salim Al-Misri’s passport, with his wife and daughter names and pictures attached as companions in his passport. Also included in this document | a certificate signed by the office of chief in charge of the places of the Crown Prince, and addressed to the Saudi Arabia consulate in Sudan. The purpose of this certificate is to prove that Salim Al-Misri works (plumber) in palaces of the Crown prince in Jeddah, in order to facilitate issuing visit visas to Saudi Arabia for his daughter and her son who live in Sudan.

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