This document is a letter that was written by `Abd al Hadi al-Ansari in which he emphasizes the importance of cooperation with the Taliban, but lays out a plan to support foreign mujahidin in Afghanistan in case the Taliban fall through. Abd al Hadi discusses how to navigate the relationship with the Taliban. He suggests, in the face of complaints about the group having nowhere to go, that they should open doors to Chechnya, and send people there.
The author also emphasizes the importance of training and correct leadership. `Abd al Hadi makes a number of suggestions. For example, he advises that al-Qa`ida should take care of mujahidin from the moment they enter Afghanistan, and institute a future-oriented training program. He also suggests introducing a governance system for the Taliban regime that will improve its abilities, but not render it independent of al-Qa`ida [presumably]. `Abd al Hadi appears to support assisting the Taliban when possible, and coordinating with them, but maintaining some form of insurance for the mujahideen.

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