This document is part of a letter from Abu Hamza to Abu `Abdullah al-Shafi`i. In this letter, Abu Hamza starts out by speaking about the recent breaking of unity between Islamic groups. He claims that he is willing to hand over any person who has committed a crime against Abu `Abdullah or stolen his money and subject him to Sharia law in Abu `Abdullah’s court. Abu Hamza identifies the origins of the problem and offers remedies accordingly | if the root is in past problems, then they should start fresh as those involved in the issue are now dead and their sins washed by martyrdom. If the instigators are still alive however, he can surrender them to `Abdullah al-Shafi`i as Abu Hamza was authorized to do so by the Amir. If the problem is related to money, then al-Ansar can take whatever they want and leave whatever they want. If the problem is from the leaders of ISI, then Abu Hamza offers a written statement by which he asks for forgiveness and offers his absolute submission to the wishes of al-Ansar. Abu Hamza pledges to accept Abu `Abdullah’s orders, and present him with the most important issues (war and justice). He requests one condition from Abu `Abdullah | which is not to touch the scheme of ISI nor its emir.

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