This 8-page document contains correspondence from the Embassy of Iraq in Djibouti to the Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS) during 2001 regarding the threatening messages sent from Usama bin Laden to different foreign companies established in Djibouti. The letters request that the company stop any cooperation with the United States. If they do not, then al-Qa`ida will bomb their locations. Activities of Islamic cell members associated with the al-Da’wa and al-Tabligh movements are also briefly mentioned. According to the letter, these cells are considered part of al-Qa`ida, and are lead by Ibrahim Hasan Sultan (Abu Sulayman). It is reported that Libyan intelligence infiltrated an al-Qa`ida training camp in Be’ru City, Somalia to track the activities of Libyans there. The Libyans reportedly learned that al-Qa`ida has new equipment for counterfeiting and forgery at the camp. It is noted that there are no Iraqis participating in this camp. Also, the author of one of the letters states that the Arab youth of Djibouti agree with the content of Bin Laden’s letters. However, the government of Djibouti is concerned about these threats because of the effect they might have on their economy.

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