On 27 January, the Combating Terrorism Center was honored to host Chief of Staff of the Army General Mark Milley for a command brief and a discussion of the Center’s research initiatives. The Honorable Ryan McCarthy, Undersecretary of the Army, also attended the briefing as did his predecessor, the Honorable Patrick Murphy. Superintendent LTG Robert Caslen, Commandant BG Steve Gilland, and CTC Distinguished Chair LTG(R) Dell Dailey attended the briefing as well.
LTC Bryan Price, director of the Combating Terrorism Center, welcomes GEN Mark Milley, Chief of Staff of the Army, to the Center.

Undersecretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy (left) and USMA Superintendent LTG Robert Caslen (right) joined GEN Milley (center) for the CTC briefing.

GEN Milley and LTG Caslen during the CTC briefing

LTC Price and CTC Deputy Director Brian Dodwell during their briefing to GEN Milley

GEN Milley talks with members of the CTC following the briefing

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