Meet CDT MaryJo Pidgeon, the CTC Cadet of the Month for April 2022. MaryJo comes from Douglasville, Georgia, and is the daughter of MaryFrances and Daniel Pidgeon. At West Point, MaryJo is a senior majoring in International Affairs with a minor in Terrorism Studies. Additionally, MaryJo is currently in the International Affairs thesis program where she is conducting research on the effectiveness of legislative gender quotas in Africa. Aside from academics, MaryJo serves as the Third Regiment First Battalion Spiritivities Officer, a position which serves to increase morale for over 350 Cadets. MaryJo is also a member of the Army Women’s tennis team, loves to travel, and enjoys doing yoga.

Since joining the Terrorism Studies minor, MaryJo was selected to participate in a six-week internship with the National Security Council in Washington, D.C., though it was canceled due to COVID. MaryJo is commissioning in the United States Army as a Field Artillery officer with a Military Intelligence branch detail. In the future, MaryJo hopes to attend law school and study international human rights law.

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