Meet CDT Caroline Homer, the CTC Cadet of the Month for April 2021. A senior at West Point, Caroline is from Ely, Minnesota. The daughter of Jill and Jason Homer, CDT Homer is majoring in Law and Legal Studies and pursuing a minor in Terrorism Studies. She currently serves as a Spiritivities officer for the G4 Gups. Caroline enjoys running, catching up with friends and family, and grabbing a coffee from the nearest Starbucks.

Upon graduating from West Point in May, Caroline will serve as an Adjutant General Officer in the United States Army. She is also passionate about pursuing a law degree.

What does the Terrorism Studies Minor mean to you?
I was introduced to the Terrorism Studies minor by a Firstie whom I looked up to my yearling year. Given my interests, he felt it would be a great fit for me. Now wrapping up my final semester as a Terrorism Studies minor, I can confidently say he was correct.

To me, the Terrorism Studies minor provides the opportunity to explore and analyze how we address and view the terrorist threats our world and Nation faces. Part of what makes this minor so special is that the learning occurs beyond the classroom. The minor offers amazing and rare AIADs that enable cadets to put our knowledge into practice. I was fortunate enough to participate in an FBI training course as well as an internship at the Pentagon through the minor. Most importantly, the minor comprises of a close-knit group of individuals and impressive faculty who share the same curiosity and interest in studying terrorism and desire to find solutions to address this phenomenon.

What does the Combating Terrorism Center mean to you?
I view the Combating Terrorism Center as the highest regarded center concerning terrorism. The research and publications produced by the CTC are renowned among academics, practitioners, and students. I am so grateful to have had firsthand access to the CTC publications and research through the classes I’ve taken as part of the academic minor. Finally, I find the expertise and dedication to combating terrorism from the faculty incredibly impressive and motivating. I will forever be grateful for the CTC.

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