Ideology, Rules, & Edicts

One of the Center’s first major reports was a product called the Militant Ideology Atlas. That product used citation analysis to identify the most influential thinkers in the Jihadi Movement. It also delineated the movement’s key ideological vulnerabilities. Browse the research products below to learn more about our work in this area.

Major Reports

The Group That Calls Itself a State: Understanding the Evolution and Challenges of the Islamic State
Jihadi Discourse in the Wake of the Arab Spring
Challengers from the Sidelines: Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right
Beware of Imitators: Al-Qa`ida through the Lens of its Confidential Secretary
Shiism and Sectarian Conflict in Pakistan
Self Inflicted Wounds
Radical Islamic Ideology In Southeast Asia
Cracks in the Foundation: Leadership Schisms in Al-Qa`ida From 1989-2006
Militant Ideology Atlas
Stealing Al Qa’ida’s Playbook

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