July 1, 2013 (IRAQ): A suicide bomber detonated explosives inside a Shi`a mosque in Muqdadiya, Diyala Province, killing at least 22 people. – Telegraph, July 2

July 2, 2013 (CANADA): Canadian police announced that they foiled an al-Qa`ida-inspired plot to detonate three pressure cooker bombs in Victoria during the Canada Day holiday on July 1. Police said that there was no evidence of a foreign link to the plot. – Reuters, July 2

July 2, 2013 (AFGHANISTAN): Afghan Taliban militants attacked the entrance to a NATO supply company compound in Kabul, killing nine people. Four Nepalese, one Briton and one Romanian were among the dead. – AFP, July 2; Reuters, July 2

July 3, 2013 (EUROPE): Charles Farr, the director general of Britain’s Office for Security and Counterterrorism, warned that “the blunt truth is there are more people associated with AQ [al-Qa`ida] and AQ-associated organizations now operating in Syria than there ever have been before that close to Europe…Groups in Syria aspire to attack Europe and clearly in this chaotic environment have both the capability and the means to do so using, amongst others, returning foreign fighters who are coming back to Europe.” – Reuters, July 3

July 4, 2013 (MALI): French forces discovered the body of Philippe Verdon, a French hostage who had been held in Mali by al-Qa`ida in the Islamic Maghreb. After an autopsy, French authorities said that Verdon died from a gunshot wound to the back of the head. Verdon, a 53-year-old businessman, was kidnapped from a hotel in northeastern Mali in November 2011. – RFI, July 19

July 5, 2013 (AFGHANISTAN): A suicide bomber wearing an Afghan police uniform detonated his explosives in a police dining room in Trinkot, Uruzgan Province, killing 12 police in what was possibly an insider attack. – Reuters, July 5

July 6, 2013 (NIGERIA): Suspected Boko Haram group militants attacked a boarding school in the northeast Nigerian town of Potiskum, Yobe State, killing 29 students and a teacher. Later reports placed the number of dead at 42. The militants reportedly doused the dormitory in fuel and then set the building on fire as students slept. A number of students were also shot. Boko Haram’s leader, Abubakar Shekau, later said that Boko Haram was not responsible for the operation, but that he fully supported the attack “on this Western education school.” Shekau said, “We don’t attack students.” – AP, July 6; AFP, July 13

July 7, 2013 (UNITED KINGDOM): The United Kingdom deported radical Muslim preacher Abu Qatada to Jordan to face terrorism charges. UK authorities have tried to deport Qatada, who has been described as a key al-Qa`ida operative in Europe, since 2001, but British courts blocked his extradition over human rights concerns. – AP, July 7

July 8, 2013 (PAKISTAN): A suicide bomber on a motorcycle attacked a pro-government tribal elder’s vehicle in Hangu District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, killing at least eight people. The elder was not in the vehicle at the time of the attack. – AP, July 8

July 8, 2013 (NIGERIA): The United Kingdom announced that they have banned the Boko Haram group under their antiterrorism laws, making it a criminal offense in the United Kingdom to belong to or support the group, as well as to facilitate meetings or wear any clothing supporting them. – AFP, July 8; Voice of America, July 8

July 10, 2013 (UNITED KINGDOM): According to the United Kingdom’s annual report of the parliamentary intelligence and security committee, “al-Qaida elements and individual jihadists in Syria currently represent the most worrying emerging terrorist threat to the UK and the West…There is a risk of extremist elements in Syria taking advantage of the permissive environment to develop external attack plans, including against Western targets. Large numbers of radicalized individuals have been attracted to the country, including significant numbers from the UK and Europe.” The report warned that these militants are likely to acquire “expertise and experience which could significantly increase the threat posed when they return home.” – Guardian, July 10

July 10, 2013 (PAKISTAN): A suicide bomber targeted a vehicle carrying Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari’s security chief in Karachi, killing him and two police officers. – AP, July 10; Reuters, July 10

July 11, 2013 (SYRIA): According to the Free Syrian Army (FSA), al-Qa`ida-linked militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) killed a senior figure in the FSA. An FSA spokesman said that militants from the al-Qa`ida-linked group called him and threatened that “they will kill all of the Supreme Military Council.” – Reuters, July 11

July 12, 2013 (IRAQ): A suicide bomber targeted a café in Kirkuk, killing at least 18 people. – AFP, July 12

July 13, 2013 (IRAQ): A suicide bomber detonated an explosives-laden vehicle at a Shi`a funeral tent in the village of Zahra, north of Baghdad, killing five mourners. – AFP, July 13

July 13, 2013 (IRAQ): A suicide bomber detonated explosives near a Sunni mosque in southern Baghdad, killing at least 16 people. – Reuters, July 13

July 14, 2013 (MAURITANIA): A Mauritanian court freed a Canadian, Aaron Yoon, who was jailed for attempting to join an al-Qa`ida training camp in Mali. Yoon was arrested in December 2011 when he tried to visit al-Qa`ida in the Islamic Maghreb camps in neighboring Mali. He was released after his sentence was reduced in an appeal, since he already had served a year and a half in prison. Yoon is of Korean descent. – AFP, July 14

July 16, 2013 (PAKISTAN/SYRIA): Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) militants rejected claims that they were sending fighters to Syria, saying that some TTP militants have traveled to fight in Syria independently but the TTP’s focus remained on Pakistan. Various other media reports, however, quoted TTP commanders saying that the group sent “hundreds of fighters” to Syria at the request of their “Arab friends.” – AFP, July 16; NBC News, July 15

July 17, 2013 (AFGHANISTAN): Afghan Taliban militants killed Ahmad Wali Tahiri, a government prosecutor and brother of Afghanistan’s national security adviser. – Washington Post, July 17

July 17, 2013 (YEMEN): Al-Qa`ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) confirmed that its second-in-command, Said al-Shihri, was “killed in a U.S. drone attack.” According to CNN, AQAP’s recent statement “did not say when or where al-Shihri died, just that a U.S. drone took his life sometime after the first week of April.” – Reuters, July 17; CNN, July 17

July 17, 2013 (SYRIA): Kurdish fighters reportedly expelled jihadists from the al-Qa`ida-linked Jabhat al-Nusra from the Syrian flashpoint town of Ras al-Ain and took control of the nearby border crossing with Turkey. – Daily Star, July 17; Voice of America, July 18

July 17, 2013 (LEBANON): Gunmen shot to death a prominent Syrian pro-government figure at his home in Sarafand in southern Lebanon. Mohammed Darrar Jammo was shot nearly 30 times. According to the Associated Press, “Jammo, a 44-year-old political analyst who often appeared on Arab TV stations, was one of Assad’s most vociferous defenders.” – AP, July 17

July 18, 2013 (AFGHANISTAN): Suspected Taliban militants shot to death eight Afghan civilians who were on their way to jobs at the Camp Shank U.S. military base in Logar Province. – AFP, July 17

July 19, 2013 (UNITED STATES): Federal law enforcement officials in Manhattan announced charges against Mokhtar Belmokhtar, including conspiring to support al-Qa`ida among other charges. Belmokhtar, who was once part of al-Qa`ida in the Islamic Maghreb, allegedly organized the January 16, 2013, attack on the Ain Amenas gas facility in eastern Algeria in which more than 35 hostages were killed. – AP, July 19

July 19, 2013 (IRAQ): A suicide bomber killed 20 people inside a Sunni mosque in the town of al-Wajihiyya in Diyala Province. – France24, July 19; BBC, July 19

July 19, 2013 (LEBANON): Lebanon charged six alleged members of Jabhat al-Nusra with forming an armed gang with the purpose of conducting terrorist acts in Lebanon. – Daily Star, July 19

July 21, 2013 (IRAQ): Al-Qa`ida militants launched a major attack against Abu Ghurayb prison on the outskirts of Baghdad, freeing hundreds of convicts, including senior members of al-Qa`ida. As part of the assault, suicide bombers in explosives-laden vehicles attacked the gates of the prison, blasting their way into the facility. Gunmen then attacked guards with mortars and rocket-propelled grenades. Militants entered the prison to free inmates, while another group of militants established positions near the main road to fight off government reinforcements sent from Baghdad. Four militants and 10 policemen were killed, while at least 500 inmates escaped. According to one Iraqi official, most of the 500 were “convicted senior members of al-Qa`ida and had received death sentences.” A simultaneous attack on a prison in Taji, 12 miles north of Baghdad, followed a similar design, but militants there failed to free any inmates. During the Taji raid, 16 soldiers and six militants were killed. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claimed responsibility for both operations. – Reuters, July 22; UPI, July 22; Reuters, July 23

July 22, 2013 (IRAQ): A suicide bomber in a vehicle attacked an Iraqi army convoy in Mosul, Ninawa Province, killing nine soldiers and three civilians. – AP, July 23

July 23, 2013 (AFGHANISTAN): A suicide bomber riding a donkey killed three U.S. soldiers and their Afghan translator in Wardak Province. – NBC News, July 23

July 24, 2013 (AFGHANISTAN): The Afghan Taliban poisoned and captured at least 12 policemen in Zabul Province. – AFP, July 25

July 24, 2013 (PAKISTAN): Four militants, at least one of whom was a suicide bomber, attacked the regional headquarters of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence in Sukkur, Sindh Province, killing three security force personnel and five other people. Both Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan and Jundullah took credit for the operation. – The News International, July 24; BBC, July 24; New York Times, July 25

July 25, 2013 (IRAQ): Dozens of Sunni militants set up a roadblock on a highway north of Baghdad. The militants stopped trucks, checked IDs, and then proceeded to execute 14 Shi`a drivers. – AAP, July 25

July 25, 2013 (TUNISIA): Mohamed Brahmi, a politician with the opposition secular Popular Front party, was assassinated in Tunis. Authorities found that the gun used to kill Brahmi was the same one used to assassinate another opposition politician, Chokri Belaid, in February 2013. While protestors accused the Islamist-led coalition government of involvement in the killings, the Tunisian government said that the assassinations were carried out by a radical group of Salafists led by Boubacar Hakim, an extremist Salafist and suspected arms smuggler. – Voice of America, July 26; AP, July 25

July 26, 2013 (AFGHANISTAN): A suicide bomber on a motorcycle killed a local police commander, three police officers and three civilians at a bazaar in Ghazni Province. – Geo TV, July 27

July 26, 2013 (PAKISTAN): Two suicide bombers on motorcycles detonated explosives at a busy marketplace in Parachinar, a primarily Shi`a area located in Kurram Agency of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. The explosions killed at least 52 people. A previously unknown group claimed responsibility, saying that they would execute “similar attacks against the Shi’ite community in Pakistan to seek revenge for the brutalities of Shi’ites against Sunni Muslims in Syria and Iraq.” – Reuters, July 27

July 27, 2013 (YEMEN): A suspected U.S. drone strike killed four suspected Ansar al-Shari`a militants in Abyan Province. Ansar al-Shari`a is linked to al-Qa`ida in the Arabian Peninsula. – Guardian, July 28; Reuters, July 28

July 27, 2013 (SOMALIA): A minivan packed with explosives blew up a few meters from a building housing Turkish Embassy staff in Mogadishu, killing two Somali security guards and a university student. Al-Shabab claimed responsibility, saying that “the Turkish were our main target.” – CNN, July 28; BBC, July 27

July 28, 2013 (IRAQ): A suicide bomber in a vehicle killed eight Kurdish policemen in Tuz Khurmatu, Salah al-Din Province. – AFP, July 28

July 28, 2013 (PAKISTAN): A suspected U.S. drone strike killed five people in the Shawal area of North Waziristan Agency in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, close to the border with Afghanistan. – Guardian, July 28

July 29, 2013 (IRAQ): The Associated Press reported that “more than a dozen explosions, mainly from car bombs, ripped through marketplaces, parking lots, a café and rush-hour crowds in Iraq…killing at least 58 people.” – AP, July 29

July 30, 2013 (PAKISTAN): More than 100 Pakistani Taliban militants disguised as police used bombs to free 250 prisoners from a jail in Dera Ismail Khan. According to Reuters, “As the attack unfolded, gunmen blew up electricity lines to the prison and detonated bombs to breach the outer walls. They fought their way inside using rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns, and called the names of Taliban prisoners they wanted to release through loud speakers.” Pakistani officials said that 12 people were killed, including five policemen and four prisoners. The killed prisoners were Shi`a, and the gunmen had slashed open their throats. – Reuters, July 30; AP, July 31

July 30, 2013 (SYRIA): A car bomb killed a prominent Syrian Kurdish politician in the northeastern town of Qamishli. The politician, Isa Huso, was a member of the Supreme Kurdish Council. – BBC, July 30

July 31, 2013 (GLOBAL): Al-Qa`ida chief Ayman al-Zawahiri released a new 22-minute audio message saying that the terrorist group would “spare no efforts” to free prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay, as well as other militants held in U.S. prisons. – AP, July 31

August 1, 2013 (IRAQ): The United Nations reported that more than 1,000 people were killed in Iraq during the month of July, the highest monthly death toll in five years. – AP, August 1

August 2, 2013 (GLOBAL): Al-Qa`ida chief Ayman al-Zawahiri released a new audio message condemning the removal of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi from power. Al-Zawahiri, however, also criticized Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood for trying to “satisfy America and the secularists” by abandoning “jihad.” He also said Morsi’s ouster provides “the greatest evidence that taking democracy as a path to Islamic rule has failed,” and that “legitimacy doesn’t lie in elections and democracy but it lies in Shari`a.” – AP, August 3; Reuters, August 2

August 2, 2013 (GLOBAL): The U.S. State Department issued a worldwide travel alert warning citizens of potential al-Qa`ida terrorist attacks in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. As a precaution, the U.S. government said it would close 21 embassies and consulates in those regions over the coming weekend. U.S. law enforcement sources later told multiple media outlets that an intercepted electronic communication in which Ayman al-Zawahiri and Nasir al-Wahayshi agreed that they “wanted to do something big” on the weekend of August 3-4 is what led to the precautionary closing of diplomatic posts. – Bloomberg, August 3; NBC, August 5

August 2, 2013 (AFGHANISTAN): Hundreds of Taliban fighters ambushed a police and military convoy in Nangarhar Province, sparking a five-hour battle. More than 20 Afghan policemen and dozens of Taliban fighters were killed. – Dawn, August 3

August 2, 2013 (SYRIA): Clashes between Kurdish fighters and al-Qa`ida-linked militants in Hasaka Province in northern Syria killed 12 members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Approximately 22 Kurdish fighters died as well. – Daily Star, August 2

August 3, 2013 (AFGHANISTAN): Three suicide attackers tried to target the Indian Consulate in Jalalabad, Nangarhar Province, resulting in nine civilian deaths. All three militants were also killed. The Afghan Taliban denied responsibility. – Independent, August 3

August 5, 2013 (THAILAND): Unidentified gunmen assassinated Imam Yacob Raimani, a high-profile Muslim cleric, in Pattani Province. Some reportedly viewed him as a sympathizer of Thai authorities. Since 2004, more than 5,000 people have been killed in the insurgency in southern Thailand. – Wall Street Journal, August 6

August 6, 2013 (AFGHANISTAN): Taliban leader Mullah Omar released his annual statement, saying that the country’s presidential elections scheduled for April 2014 are a “deceiving drama.” He also said that the Taliban were willing to begin peace negotiations. – Guardian, August 6

August 7, 2013 (YEMEN): Two suspected U.S. drone strikes killed six militants in Shabwa Province. – UPI, April 7

August 7, 2013 (YEMEN): Yemeni authorities said that they uncovered an al-Qa`ida plot to fire missiles at foreign embassies in Sana`a and to attack naval forces protecting international shipping in the Red Sea. – Globe and Mail, August 7; UPI, August 7

August 8, 2013 (PAKISTAN): A suicide bomber killed at least 29 people at a funeral for a policeman in Quetta, Baluchistan Province. Fayaz Sumbal, the deputy inspector general for police operations in Quetta, was among the dead. – NBC, August 8; Reuters, August 8

August 8, 2013 (YEMEN): A suspected U.S. drone strike killed six alleged militants from al-Qa`ida in the Arabian Peninsula in Marib Province. – CBS, August 8

August 8, 2013 (THAILAND): The Barisan Revolusi Nasional (BRN), a Muslim-Malay separatist group in southern Thailand, suspended peace talks with the Thai government. Peace talks to resolve southern Thailand’s insurgency began in February 2013. – Straits Times, August 8; AP, August 8

August 10, 2013 (IRAQ): The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), al-Qa`ida’s Iraqi affiliate, executed a series of attacks on cafes and busy marketplaces, killing 69 people. Approximately nine car bombs exploded in Shi`a neighborhoods in Baghdad, among other attacks. The ISIL said that the attacks were in revenge for the arrests of hundreds of Muslims by Iraqi security forces. – AP, August 12; UPI, August 11

August 10, 2013 (YEMEN): A suspected U.S. drone strike killed two alleged al-Qa`ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) militants in Lahj Province. Later reports suggested that AQAP’s chief bombmaker, Ibrahim al-Asiri, may have been wounded in the strike. – AP, August 11; NBC, August 13

August 12, 2013 (IRAQ): A suicide bomber killed 13 people in a café in the Shi`a-majority town of Balad, Salah al-Din Province. – AP, August 12

August 12, 2013 (YEMEN): Nasir al-Wahayshi, the leader of al-Qa`ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), said that he would soon free jailed Islamist militants. AQAP staged at least two prison breaks last month, and al-Wahayshi himself escaped from a prison in Yemen in 2006. – Reuters, August 12

August 13, 2013 (AFGHANISTAN): Taliban fighters kidnapped female parliamentarian Fariba Ahmadi Kakar in Ghazni Province. In exchange for her freedom, the militants demanded that four Taliban prisoners be released. – Reuters, August 13

August 13, 2013 (NIGERIA): Nigerian security forces said that they killed two senior leaders in the Boko Haram group, Abubakar Zakaria Ya’u and Muhammed Bama. – Voice of America, August 15

August 14, 2013 (IRAQ): A pair of bombings killed 14 people in Ba`quba, Diyala Province. – Voice of America, August 15

August 14, 2013 (SYRIA): Al-Qa`ida’s Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) reportedly expelled other rebel fighters—belonging to the Ahfad al-Rasoul brigade—from the northern city of Raqa. – AFP, August 14

August 15, 2013 (LEBANON): A car bomb ripped through the southern Beirut stronghold of Hizb Allah, killing 24 people. Hizb Allah chief Hassan Nasrallah accused radical Sunni Islamists of being behind the attack, and then he promised to escalate his group’s military support to Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. – Reuters, August 16

August 16, 2013 (THAILAND): Suspected Muslim-Malay militants killed four police officers in front of a nursery school in Narathiwat Province in southern Thailand. – AFP, August 16

August 18, 2013 (GLOBAL): American al-Qa`ida militant Adam Gadahn released a new video message, calling for more attacks on Western diplomats in the Arab world. He also praised the men who killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya in 2012. Gadahn is a California-born convert to Islam who has a $1 million U.S. bounty on his head. – Reuters, August 18

August 19, 2013 (EUROPE): The German newspaper Bild reported that al-Qa`ida is plotting attacks on Europe’s high speed rail network. The newspaper, citing intelligence sources, said that al-Qa`ida could plant explosives on trains and tunnels or sabotage train tracks and electric cabling. – AFP, August 19

August 19, 2013 (NIGERIA): The Nigerian military said that the leader of the Boko Haram group, Abubakar Shekau, may have died from gunshot wounds sustained during a clash on June 30. Past reports of Shekau’s death, however, have proved false. – Reuters, August 19

August 19, 2013 (NIGERIA): Suspected Boko Haram group gunmen killed at least 35 people in the village of Demba in Borno State after locals refused to cooperate with them. – BBC, August 23

August 22, 2013 (NORTH AFRICA): Two Islamist groups that broke from al-Qa`ida in the Islamic Maghreb announced that they have merged, and they pledged to attack French interests. The decision unites fighters led by Mokhtar Belmokhtar with the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO). Both groups fought in Mali until the French-led invasion earlier this year. The new name for the group was identified as al-Mourabitoun. – Reuters, August 22

August 22, 2013 (IRAQ): A suicide bomber in an explosives-laden vehicle attacked an Iraqi military headquarters in Ramadi, Anbar Province, killing at least 14 people. – Voice of America, August 22

August 22, 2013 (PAKISTAN): A senior commander of the Punjabi Taliban, Ismatullah Muaweea, welcomed the Pakistani government’s recent offer to hold peace talks. Two days later, on August 24, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) dismissed Muaweea from his position as head of the Punjab chapter. – AFP/Dawn, August 22; AFP, August 24

August 22, 2013 (PAKISTAN): Militant commander Ghulam Jan Wazir, who was known for sheltering al-Qa`ida fighters, was killed by a roadside bomb three miles west of Wana in South Waziristan Agency of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. According to Agence France-Presse, “He is the third pro al-Qaeda militant commander killed in similar circumstances in South Waziristan in the last two years.” – AFP, August 22

August 23, 2013 (IRAQ): A suicide bomber killed at least 28 people in a crowded park in the predominately Shi`a al-Qahira neighborhood in northeastern Baghdad. – CNN, August 23

August 23, 2013 (LEBANON): Two car bombs exploded in Tripoli, killing at least 42 people. According to Voice of America, “One of the bombs exploded outside the Taqwa mosque as midday prayers were ending. That mosque is where Sheik Salem Rafei, a Salafi cleric opposed to Lebanon’s militant Shi’ite Hezbollah group, usually prays.” The Tripoli bombings come a week after a car bomb killed 24 people in Hizb Allah’s southern Beirut stronghold on August 15, an attack that was blamed on Salafists. – Voice of America, August 23

August 23, 2013 (SYRIA): A suicide bomber killed eight people at a restaurant in Aleppo. – Bloomberg, August 23

August 23, 2013 (YEMEN): A suicide bomber in an explosives-laden vehicle killed two soldiers at a checkpoint in Hadramawt Province. Yemeni authorities blamed al-Qa`ida in the Arabian Peninsula. – AFP, August 23

August 25, 2013 (SYRIA): A car bomb killed Anas Abdul-Razzaq Na’em, the governor of Hama Province. – al-Jazira, August 25

August 25, 2013 (SYRIA): The al-Qa`ida-linked Jabhat al-Nusra rebel group vowed revenge attacks against Alawite villages in response to claims that Syrian regime forces used chemical weapons against civilians near Damascus. Al-Qa`ida’s Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) released its own statement promising a “volcano of revenge” against Syrian government security and military targets. – AFP, August 25; Reuters, August 28

August 25, 2013 (YEMEN): A bomb tore through a bus carrying Yemeni air force personnel to their base in Sana`a, killing between one and six officers. – Reuters, August 25

August 27, 2013 (TUNISIA): The Tunisian government declared Ansar al-Shari`a, the country’s most prominent organization of Salafists, as a terrorist group. – AP, August 28

August 28, 2013 (IRAQ): A series of bombings and other attacks across Baghdad killed at least 71 people. On August 30, al-Qa`ida’s Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claimed responsibility for the attacks. – Reuters, August 28; AFP, August 30

August 28, 2013 (AFGHANISTAN): The Taliban attacked a base operated by Polish and Afghan forces in Ghazni Province, killing four policemen and three civilians. – Reuters, August 29

August 29, 2013 (BAHRAIN): A car bomb exploded as a police patrol passed by in a Shi`a village near Manama, injuring four Bahraini policemen. According to Agence France-Presse, “Bahrain has been rocked by sporadic violence since pro-democracy protests started by its Shiites in 2011.” – AFP, August 30

August 29, 2013 (IRAQ): A car bomb killed at least 16 people at a market in Samarra, Salah al-Din Province. – BBC, August 29

August 30, 2013 (AFGHANISTAN): A suicide bomber killed a district governor at a mosque in Kunduz Province. – RFE/RL, August 30

August 31, 2013 (EGYPT): Al-Qa`ida’s Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) called on Egyptians to take up arms against their army, criticizing the Egyptian military’s crackdown on Islamist protestors. The group also said that the Muslim Brotherhood is “more evil and malevolent than the secularists, and if seizing power necessitates bowing to the Devil, they will bow without hesitation.” – Reuters, August 31; AP, August 31

August 31, 2013 (AFGHANISTAN): A suicide bomber killed six people in front of a bank in Kandahar. – CNN, August 31

August 31, 2013 (IRAQ): A car bomb killed 12 people in Ramadi, Anbar Province. – Reuters, September 1

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