The image, which was posted to a web forum, contains the bloody caption: “al-Irhab-ana muslim…ana irhabi” (“terrorism-I am a Muslim…I am a terrorist”). The caption follows a quote from the Qur’an (Q8:60) that contains the verb “turhibuna” (“you will instill fear/ terrorize”). Invocation of the verse in conjunction with the above predication (“I am a terrorist”) demonstrates an embrace of the negative Western term by infusing it with a Qur’anic context and meaning. Above the image in the post, the designer wrote that he created the image for the al-Fallujah forum before it was shut down.  It satirizes a well-known series of public service announcements against terrorism, that concluded with the tagline “al irhab la din lahu” (Terrorism has no [basis in any] religion).

More Information
Group Name Shabakat Ansar al-Mujahidin
Group Type Jihadist Group
Language Arabic
Isolated Phrases / Mottoes / Slogans 1) Q 8:60 2) al-Irhab - ana muslim ... ana irhabi
Image Number 0421
Groups Region of Operation Global
Groups Country of Operation Iraq
Date Image Created Online 28/01/2011
Date Image Created Online Details Posted by a user/designer who calls himself Khattab (signature at the bottom left corner).
Religious Textual References Quranic Citations
Visual Themes The fiery red resonates blood, passion, impulse and danger. It is fundamentally linked to the vital force, and to warlike qualities.

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