This is a fragment of a 301 page book written by Mustafa Hamid titled “15 Bullets for the Cause of God” which is part of the series titled “Chatter on the World’s Rooftop.” This document covers the history of the anti-communist jihad in Afghanistan beginning during King Zahir Shah and continuing through the time of Afghan President Daud Khan, ending during the Soviet period. The roles of Yunus Khalis and Abdul Rasul Sayyaf and their attempts to gain financial support from foreign donors are the main topics of the work. In addition to chronicling the roles of key individuals, the author provides insight into the mujahidin perspectives on American involvement in the conflict, including American motivation and the extent of American influence. The author also touches on the following topics: corruption and mismanagement of funds within the network of Islamic charitable organizations, the Soviet use of its scorched earth policy in Afghanistan and the level of support for Afghan refugees in Pakistan. Additionally, the author discusses factors influencing the anti-communist jihad such as defections by Islamists in the Afghan army to the mujahidin and the support received from Islamist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian Islamic Jihad.

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