This lengthy Arabic language document summarizes the interrogations of several Arabs detained by al-Qa`ida and the Taliban on suspicions that they were spying for foreign intelligence services during the late 1990s. The document seems to indicate that a number of individuals who came to join al-Qa`ida during the late 1990s also collected funds for the Haqqani network from private donors in the United Arab Emirates. A number of other sources, including an account provided by Usama Bin Ladin’s former bodyguard Abu Jandal, indicate that one of those detained – Muhammad al-Bayid, who went by the alias Abu al-Mubtassim (a name which appears in the captured document) – was interrogated by al-Qa`ida members Saif Al-`Adl, Abu Hafs al-Misri and Abu Jandal during his captivity.

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