This document is a letter to two individuals named “`Adnan and Jasim” from a man identified as Husayn, which was
written in the morning of August 11, 2007. The letter is a report on the status in Husayn’s cell or network, presumably in Iraq. Notably, the body of the letter describes the circumstances of the deaths, disappearances and arrests of five of Husayn’s acquaintances. Husayn begins his letter with a religious blessing. The status report then commences with an account of the disappearance of an individual named “Abbas”. Husyan then describes how a guesthouse that `Abbas used to frequent was raided and went on to explain his suspicion of the role of a man named Abu Yasir in the disappearance. According to the report, four other men either disappeared, were killed or were deported. In the final portion of the letter Husayn describes why he distrusts the man known as Abu Yasir and justifies breaking off ties with him. He then concludes the letter by describing his upcoming travel plans, as well as his thoughts on European operations and other points of business.

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