This is a fragment of a 294 page book written by Mustafa Hamid titled “The Airport 90″ which is part of series titled “Chatter on the World’s Rooftop.” In this book Mustafa Hamid keeps a detailed day-by-day account of the Airport Project, which aims to shut down the Khost airfield for a month through continuous rocket attacks, thus convincing the enemy to stop using the airfield. The first section is a description of the death of Isma’il, the brother of Jalaluddin Haqqani, along the Aghanistan-Pakistan border. Mustafa mentions a number of discussions with other mujahidin leaders and with al-Qa`ida that he had about the political situation in Afghanistan, and in the Middle East. Mustafa also relays his thoughts about US involvement in Afghanistan. In the latter part of the book,
Mustafa begins talking about preparations for new operations, not only against the new airport, but also more
conventional offensives to take over Khost and other cities held by the Communists.

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