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Innovation & Technology

To level the playing field against states that have more resources and hold much more power terrorists need to innovate and use technology in creative and enterprising ways. We have written reports and articles about terrorists’ use of encrypted communication tools, weaponization of commercially-available drones, and other topics. See below for details.

Sentinel Articles

The Islamic State and WMD: Assessing the Future Threat
Global Civilization and Counterterrorism
An Interview With: Dennis Gleeson
Extremist Forums Provide Digital OpSec Training
Financing Terror Bit by Bit
Ebola: Not an Effective Biological Weapon for Terrorists
The ISIL’s Theft of WMD Components in Iraq
The Biohacker: A Threat to National Security
The Risk of Non-State Actors Acquiring Chemical Weapons in Syria
The Risks Posed by Jihadist Hackers

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