Jihadi propaganda frequently utilizes important political events or violent struggles occurring within Islamic communities to mobilize recruits and support. These images draw attention to events that have helped to shape the current jihadi movement, and they allow the propagandists to reinterpret the events through their own ideological and cultural framework. A key example of this is the way in which jihadi groups present past and contemporary defeats as examples of violent oppression and injustice inflicted upon the Muslim world, and hence as justification for jihadi activism. Here, the slogan reads: “faluja: mashahid min al-hamla al-salibrafidiyya ‘ala al-muslimin fil-faluja” (“Fallujah: scenes from the Crusader-Shi’a campaign against Muslims in al-Fallujah”). This image was the cover of a video, produced by “the Global Islamic Media Front,” GIMF. It contains extremely disturbing footage from the battle of  Fallujah with voices of eyewitnesses in the background.

More Information
Group Type Jihadist Group
Group Affiliation AQ Affiliates / Associates
Dominant Colors Black, Red
Secondary Colors Yellow, Orange
Language Arabic
Visual or Textual Reference to Significant Recent Events
Date EntryAnalysis Entry
Second battle of al-Fallujah, Nov.- Dec. 2004
Isolated Phrases / Mottoes / Slogans Faluja: mashahid min al-hamla al-salibrafidiyya `ala al-muslimin fil-faluja
Image Number 0128
Groups Region of Operation Middle East
Groups Country of Operation Iraq
Body Parts Face / Bust
Fire Flames, Burning Object
FIre Analysis Heart-shaped ring of fire

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