This document is a letter from Abu Hamzah in response to unfriendly letters he received. In his letter, Abu Hamzah begins by lamenting the fact that the Islamic groups in Iraq have become divided and violent towards one another. He claims that he received letters from the addressees that were threatening and accusatory. Furthermore, Abu Hamzah complains that the letter was addressed to the emir of the al-Qa`ida Organization rather than the Islamic State of Iraq. Abu Hamzah addresses a number of controversial topics including: 1) The killing of civilians, 2) The subject of why the addressees did not join the Shura Council, and 3) Controversy over the right to have two imams for the people of different countries by Sharia Law. Concluding the letter, Abu Hamzah asks the addressees to join with him and unite the movement. It is signed“your brother Abu Hamzah al-Muhajir.’

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