General Raymond T. Odierno, the 38th Chief of Staff of the Army, visited the CTC on Tuesday, the second time in six months. In addition to receiving an update on the Center’s activities from CTC Director Major Bryan Price, GEN Odierno and USMA Superintendent LTG Huntoon received a series of presentations from CTC faculty members on a variety of topics. During the first block, Mr. Don Rassler provided his assessment of the AF/PAK threat landscape, Dr. Scott Helfstein gave his analysis of the skill sets needed to defeat illicit networks, and Dr. Arie Perliger presented his research on the productivity and resiliency of terrorist group networks. The second block included Mr. Gabe Koehler-Derrick’s presentation on what interent search data tells us about Egyptian politics, and Dr. Nelly Lahoud and Mr. Muahamad al-Ubaydi provided their insights about Syria and the post Arab Spring jihadi discourse. SOSH Dept Head COL Cindy Jebb and General (Retired) John Abizaid, the CTC’s Distinguished Visiting Chair, provided opening remarks to the group, which included CTC Senior Fellow LTG(R) Dell Dailey and current Downing Scholar MAJ Vanessa Bowman who was visiting from Georgetown University.

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